Pioneer Capital’s Merger & Acquisition Advisory Services, primarily focus on Sell-Side acquisition advice to companies operating in the records and information management industry. The practice developed from the team’s extensive experience owning and operating two fast growing highly acquisitive businesses operating in the fragmented and rapidly consolidating records management industry. With our team’s extensive experience as owners and operators, who helped shape and develop the industry over the last 45 years, many consider us pioneers of the records management industry. Our team’s experience truly differs from other merger & acquisition advisors because we have successfully founded, operated and sold our own businesses in addition to providing acquisition related advice to entrepreneurs and business owners.

As a result of our first-hand experience, Pioneer Capital understands and can appreciate the hard work and sacrifice business owners and entrepreneurs have undertaken to build their own companies. We are also uniquely positioned to understand and appreciate the challenges owners and entrepreneurs face when contemplating major and potentially life changing business decisions.

Whether we are advising on the sale of a business or helping evaluate an acquisition candidate, Pioneer has the ability to look at your situation through a unique lens and help you develop an approach and structure to the transaction that achieves your goals. We have a solid understanding of how buyers and sellers in the industry think, and as a result, can offer our clients unique perspectives on ways to maximize value and reduce transaction-related risk. We also have vast capital markets experience having raised significant capital through bank lending syndicates, high yield debt markets and private and public equity markets. All of which give Pioneer a keen understanding of how various sources of institutional funding think about financing businesses in the records and information management industry.

Looking back on our own personal experience, the team at Pioneer has found that collaborating with experienced independent advisors helped us achieve the best possible outcomes when we decided to raise capital, acquire other businesses and then ultimately sell our own records management businesses. We believe that you will have the same experience if you chose to work with the our team.

In addition to Merger & Acquisition Advisory Services, Pioneer Capital offers Consulting Services. As successful owners, operators, executives and board members of our own businesses, as well as publicly traded and private equity backed enterprises, we have hands-on experience building the critical infrastructure and raising the necessary capital to support and execute aggressive value creating growth strategies. So if the sale of your company isn’t in the immediate future, we can collaborate and work with you to fine-tune your administrative, operational and financial management through our Consulting Services. In addition to providing our Consulting Services to business owners, we have also provided consulting services to institutional investors and advisors interested in the records and information management industry.

While Pioneer’s primary focus is and will continue to be the records and information management industry, we believe our team’s experience as senior executives and board members of publicly traded and private equity backed enterprises can provide value to business owners and institutional investors in other highly fragmented and consolidating industries.